Adapted by Texas Council On Family Violence


Negotiating & Fairness-Seeking mutually satisfying resolutions to conflict, Accepting change, Being willing to compromise


Share Responsibility-Mutually agreeing on a fair distribution of work, Making family decisions together


Economic Partnership-Making money decisions together, Making sure both partners benefit from financial arrangements


Responsible Parenting-Sharing parental responsibility, Being a positive non-violent role model for the children


Honesty & Accountability-Accepting responsibility for self, Acknowledging past use of violence, Admitting being wrong, Communicating openly and truthfully


Trust & Support-Supporting her goals in life, Respecting her right to her own feelings, friends, activities and opinions


Respect-Listening to her non-judgmentally, Being emotionally affirming and understanding,Valuing her opinions


Non-threatening Behavior-Talking and acting so that she feels safe and comfortable expressing herself and doing things




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