Safe homes, safe families, saved lives

Marta’s House is a residence for victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. It is a secure, complete house for victims and their children located in Klamath Falls, Oregon.


Let’s look at Annie’s case. STEP ONE-Awareness Annie’s abuser took her check every payday. He had knocked her front teeth out and Annie was hoping to get teeth by saving back a little of her tips each week, but he took it all. He transported her to work and back and didn’t let her go anywhere. He accused her of every vile thing in the book and last night had twisted her arm black and blue and she knew she was being abused. STEP TWO-Options Annie became informed through the outreach number on a corkboard at work and asked her employer if he would call for her. She was afraid to believe that, just maybe, there was help. An advocate brought printed information to her work place and left it with the owner. He gave her the packet with instructions to not take it home, but read it at work and especially check out the list of things she should start putting in a plastic bag for if or when she left. (SS card, Medications, etc). He passed on the advocate’s warning that she should be very careful to act normal because the abuser’s fear would be up and he would have keen insight into her acting differently. STEP THREE-Choice She chose to find a way to leave. But she had no money, no transportation and was very fearful if he found out that she was thinking about getting away. However Annie was doing more than thinking, she was planning. STEP FOUR-Planning. The advocate got the go ahead from Marta’s House (there was room) and worked with the employer regarding a time when it was safest to leave. He said that he would pay her the day before payday and have the advocate transport her exactly15 minutes after her shift started. That way she would be safely far away long before the usual end of her shift. STEP FIVE-Do it. Annie left exactly on time and was at the intake interview in one hour and forty-five minutes. The advocate at Marta’s House had a clear picture of all Annie’s needs and she was given clothes, personal items, help making a thorough SAFETY PLAN, a room to herself and all the emotional support she needed. The next day she started counseling specific to her own problems. She enrolled in the class ”It’s Not OK Anymore” on Wednesday afternoons. Next she scheduled GED night classes that she reached by local bus and in three weeks had a job in Klamath Falls. She continued living at Marta’s House, aiming at getting a place of her own. And yes a dentist in town fixed her teeth at one fourth the cost and let her make payments. She continues to go to group counseling weekly regarding healthy boundaries and healthy relationships.

Annie, our hats are off to you because you were strong enough to have endured that abuse for so very long and you were courageous and left.




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